» » » Post-Comics – book release and exhibition *POSTPONED*

Post-Comics – book release and exhibition *POSTPONED*

Please be welcome to the upcoming exhibitions and BOOK RELEASE, as well as to the lecture, workshops and performance in our Post-Comics program:1. lecture and feedback on Comics, illustration and panorama’s by Felipe Muhr @ KASK Grafiek, Kunsttoren on Wednesday 19.02.2020, 9h-12h.

2. workshop Conceptual Comics by Ilan Manouach @ KASK Grafiek, Kunsttoren on Wednesday 04.03.2020 – 9h-12h.

3. KASK-lecture (related to) Post-Comics by Tom Lambeens @ KASK Cirque, Cloquet entrance on Thursday 19.03.2020 – 20h.

4. opening 1M3 by Ilan Manouach and Sébastien Conard @ KASK main hall, Pauli entrance on Thursday 26.03.2020 – 16h.

5. presentation of the Post-Comics publication + opening exhibition by Linh Dong @ BOEKS, Kunstenbibliotheek corridor on Thursday 26.03.2020 – 19h.

6. performance by Olivier Deprez @ BOEKS, Kunstenbibliotheek Corridor on Friday 03.04.2020 – 15h.

7. opening of the Post-Comics/Post-Practices exhibition by Bachelor students of Graphic Design, Printmaking and Illustration @ Kunstenbibliotheek Cisterne + finissage of the Post-Comics exhibition @ BOEKS on Thursday 30.04.2020 – 19h.

* Between May and September 2020, students, teachers and others participants of the Post-Comic project and the related Project Studio for Graphic Design will elaborate on the notion of ‘post-practice’ by means of an online platform (see KASK- & BOEKS-sites further on.)