The Ideal Lecture / Kenneth Goldsmith
The Ideal Lecture/ Kenneth Goldsmith
‘This lecture premiered at The Louvre auditorium as part of FIAC’s public programs in October, 2017. To give it, I loaded the talk into a teleprompter program on my laptop. The linebreaks in the piece are a result of the way the teleprompter program broke them up in order to facilitate the reading of the work. Although I have never written lineated verse, I love the idea that a computer lineated the verse for me. This lecture, then, reads an awful lot like the way I talk, but it is truly nothing like the way I talk.’ KG

Ontwerp: Oliver Ibsen
Afmetingen: 12,5 x 17 cm
Pagina’s: 62
Prijs: 15 €
ISBN 978 90 7920 2522

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